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Shared Gigabit Internet Access

for Businesses in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Gigabit Speeds for Small Businesses

Does your small business need superfast internet but needs to control costs? Then our shared Internet Access is the perfect solution. This flexible package is a high performance alternative to Time Warner Business, Verizon DSL and FiOS®

Our shared plans offer the power of dedicated solutions – at a fraction of the cost, giving your small business the performance of a much larger organization. Get Gigabit speed and reliability as standard with Ghost Comm’s Shared Gigabit Internet Access.


Superior Performance and Value Combined

We are able to offer Gigabit speeds thanks to our low load-factor of just 10:1. This means fewer businesses sharing the same “communications channel” – and this means faster internet for your company. To show just how significant this is, FiOS® offer a ratio of 265:1 and Time Warner 1000:1. With Ghost Comm, you will never share internet with more than 9 other businesses. That is our commitment to you. And with network availability of greater than 99.5%, your internet will keep running at high performance 24/7. That’s guaranteed.


Symmetrical Bandwidth

Now you can upload as fast as you download with symmetrical bandwidth. With Ghost Comm’s Shared Internet Access, your small business has internet that doesn’t just keep up with the demands of your business, but is always one step ahead. Never worry again about your internet infrastructure because our flexible services packages grow with your company. With Ghost Comm’s Gigabit Internet services, high-definition teleconferencing and massive file transfer capabilities come as standard.

Price Schedule

Peak Data Rate Monthly Fee Typical Installation Fee
1 Gbps (1 Static IP) $250 $300 – $750
1 Gbps (5 Static IP) $325 $300 – $750
10 Gbps $2,500 $1,000

Service Specifications

  • Symmetrical bandwidth
  • Non-Dedicated Gigabit Service: Load-factor not exceeding 10:1
  • Guaranteed Dedicated Bandwidth: 100 Mbps Down, 100 Mbps Up
  • Service Level Agreement
    • Network packet loss: Not exceeding 0.5%
    • SLA: Network transit latency exiting NYC: Not to exceed 3ms
    • Network availability: Equal to or greater than 99.5%
    • SLA: Mean Time To Repair (“MTTR”): 6-Hours
    • Chronic outage clause: Customer may terminate without penalty if three SLA violations within any 90 calendar day window
    • SLA: Initial service clause: Customer may terminate without penalty due to SLA or performance, within first 90 days of service.
  • Reliable and High-Performance Alternative to Time Warner Business, Verizon DSL and FiOS®
  • Available in Manhattan and Brooklyn

24/7 Support
by dedicated Ghost Comm crew

  • IPv4, IPv6 (native), IPv4+IPv6
  • Single Static IPv4 Address
  • Jumbo MTU Support
  • Copper and Fiber Ethernet Interface Options

Service Request

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