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Data at the Speed of Light

Slow internet got you down? Ghost Comm’s high speed fiber optic network is the remedy for outages and slow download speeds. We lay, own, and operate one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest privately held fiber optic networks, with thousands of locations on-net.
Our network connects our clients, both within and outside our data centers, with low-latency fiber optics. Whether connecting your offices, DAS or mobile hotspots, or entire campuses, our network connectivity services can be custom-designed with your needs in mind.
Why tolerate slow internet, unsecure networks, and off-shored customer support? Our own employees maintain our network and answer all customer calls. Get ready to break the slow speed paradigm with Ghost Comm network services.

Custom engineered to get there faster

We understand some networking challenges are harder than “Point A to Point B.” When out-of-the-box connectivity packages won’t cut it, you need a partner with the network engineering skills to get the job done right.
Our network of POPs, hubs, data centers, and partner locations allow us unparalleled flexibility to engineer the right solution to get your data there – on time and on budget. We can unlock the full potential of our fiber network to turbocharge your operations.
Ghost Comm provides extreme flexibility to create custom solutions. In addition to being a network provider, we are also a construction company. Our Fiber Operations division has laid nearly 10,000 miles of high speed fiber optics, delivering low-latency network directly to our customers’ front doors.

Private Networks, Uptime Guaranteed

We provide switches, splicing, network engineering, and guaranteed uptime, taking the hassle out of your network operations.
Our dark fiber services allow our clients the freedom to run VOIP systems, low-latency apps, database transfers, and Big Data analytics, without the traffic constraints of shared infrastructure. Critical systems running on dark fiber come into their own when run over high capacity fiber.
Our network is nearly 10,000 miles and counting, with more on the way. We provide our clients dark fiber because we understand that flexibility is extremely valuable to modern organizations.
Our clients use this flexibility to enable all kinds of results. Whether connecting multiple locations over the network of your choice, or running multiple protocols such as VOIP networks, the flexibility and agility provided by dark fiber gives our clients advantages they would not otherwise have.
High-capacity, highly secure networks provide a valuable piece of the compliance puzzle in many industries and help ensure pristine transmission of data between data bases, in campus environments, and back to the data center.

Celebrate Telecom Choice

The freedom to choose your internet provider helps organizations grow in many ways. Ghost Comm has the ability to bring services when you need it, supporting projects as diverse as cellular tower construction, DAS, and even city-wide municipal Wi-Fi programs.
Whether you are in a campus environment and need a network to link multiple facilities, or your current provider isn’t meeting your need, Ghost Comm has network and connectivity solutions that are right for your business.
Ghost Comm owns the Washington, DC area’s largest private high speed fiber optic network. Our services are a perfect fit for organizations who prioritize network diversity, security, and speed. Our clients run the gamut of high frequency traders (HFTs), government agencies, and healthcare/research organizations.
Our outside plant fiber division delivers fiber optics straight to your door. We handle all permitting, design, and construction, allowing you to easily turbocharge your network operations while focusing on your core business.

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